M.Sc. (Forensic Science & Criminology)

M.Sc. (Forensic Science & Criminology)


Crime is not a new concept, the fact of which is shared in our history and the rate of which is increasing from generation to generation. Referring to the past, we today are aware of different types of crimes and techniques used to combat it.
It is difficult to erase crime at once but it is possible to reduce the crime rate and its impact in vast by understanding the perpetrator and the method of committing crime. In this view it is important to empathize the key factors revolving around the crime, i.e, the victim, the suspect, the witness etc. to ultimately bring justice to the society.
The study of crime and the criminal has its supporting base given by different researchers in the form of theories which helps us to understand the crime and express it in court of justice.
The course offered by us will help the future criminologists to acquire full-fledged knowledge in the field of gender criminality, evidences, protecting and investigating crime scene, rapport building and few aspects of forensic science theoretically as well as practically.


• Crime scene management
• Criminal psychology
• Criminal and civil law
• Modus operandi of modern crime
• police science in preventing crime
• Cyber crime and management
• Victim’s perception to crime
• Duties and responsibilities of law enforcement agencies
• Functionalities of Indian Judiciary System


Duration shall be for a period of 2 Years and internship.


Any B.Sc, BA (with Criminology or Psychology as a subject.


Our syllabus is designed with innovative pattern where students not just study the concepts of criminology and forensic science in-fact they acquire hand on experience by visiting different institutions relating to their field. They acquire practical exposure on working hand on hand with experts in this field through placements during their course duration. We strongly believe that student’s best skill is exposed when they work practically and adapt to the concept.


• Police official
• Crime reporter
• Security officer
• Vigilance officer
• Teaching field
• Private investigator


Semester Subjects
1st Semester • Introduction to Forensic Science
• Basics of Criminal science
• Computer application
• Criminal Law & criminal Justice system
• Practical
• Research Methodology
2nd Semester • Forensic Dermatoglyphics
• Forensic Security management
• Crime & society
• Criminalistics
• Practical
• Biostatistics
3rd Semester • Forensic Ballistics
• Forensic Psychology
• Questioned Documents
• Cyber Crime
• Practical 1
• Practical 2 and field visits/placements/Thesis
4th Semester • Forensic Medicine
• Anthropology and entomology
• Forensic Chemistry
• Spl: Forensic Toxicology/Wildlife Forensics
• Dissertation
• Practical
• Weekly project review


(1) University Registration Fee, Eligibility Fee for other State/NRI students, Examination Fee, Uniform Fee, Hostel Fee, Industry visit fee, Internship fee, Transportation fee, Sports & games fee, Extra-curricular activity fee, etc., are extra. The course fees mentioned for subsequent years may vary annually up to 6%. (2) The University Placement & Training Team will assist the admitted students to get (a) Earn While Learn, (b) Industry Internship, and (c) Final Job Placement. (3) Karnataka Quota* : 1. Applicable only to Karnataka students having 50% or more in the applicable subject combination. 2. To be considered as Karnataka domicile student should have studied 7 years including PUC in the Karnataka.