Vice Chancellor

Prof. K Satyanarayan Reddy

Vice Chancellor Message

Nurturing Excellence: A Visionary Message from the Vice Chancellor

Greetings to all! As the Vice Chancellor of Srinivas University, Mukka, Surathkal, I am honored to be part of this dynamic educational institution, a beacon of knowledge, innovation, and transformative learning experiences.
Our commitment to excellence at Srinivas University is a guiding principle permeating every academic facet. We envision an education that transcends boundaries, empowers young minds, and shapes leaders contributing meaningfully to society. Built on academic rigor, holistic development, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge, this institution stands as a testament to the transformative power of education.
Our Vision: Srinivas University aims to foster an environment nurturing curiosity, celebrating creativity, and making innovation a way of life. We aspire to be globally recognized, producing graduates as thought leaders, change-makers, and pioneers.
A Legacy of Excellence: Dedication, enthusiasm, and support have propelled our journey, marked by milestones. Our commitment to providing quality education aligns with industry needs and NEP 2020.
Academic Rigor: “समग्र ज्ञानम्” Excellence is at the core of our diverse programs, cutting-edge curriculum, and industry-relevant courses, preparing students for professional, environmental and societal challenges. We instill deep rooted knowledge alongside critical thinking skills, ethical values, and a global perspective.
Holistic Development: Beyond classrooms, our focus is on nurturing well-rounded individuals excelling in academics, extracurricular activities, sports, and community engagement. We develop leaders who are competent professionals and responsible citizens.
Innovation at the Core: Innovation is the driving force, and we foster a culture of it through state-of-the-art facilities, research centers, and collaborative initiatives with industry partners. We encourage our community to dream big and contribute to positive societal impacts.
Embracing Diversity: Diversity is our strength, enriching the learning environment. Exposure to diverse ideas prepares students for the globalized world post-graduation.
Student-Centric Approach: Our students are at the center of everything. Through mentorship, career counseling, and industry interactions, we empower students to make informed decisions.
Technologically & Medically Advanced Campus: Our campus is equipped with the latest technological & Medical infrastructure, ensuring students can leverage their knowledge of Technology, Management and Medicine to solve real-world problems.
Research and Innovation Hub: Beyond learning, Srinivas University is a hub for research and innovation. We encourage faculty and students to engage in groundbreaking research addressing societal, environmental challenges vying continuously for sustainability.
Global Collaborations: Strategic partnerships with international universities open global opportunities, fostering cultural exchange and research collaborations.
Looking Ahead: Entering a new academic year, optimism abounds. Together, as a university community, we will raise the bar of excellence, embrace innovation, and empower students for a changing world.
At Srinivas University we continuously strive in pursuit of knowledge, integrity, and excellence. We offer a diverse range of new-age programmes in leading domains like Management, Hotel Management, Technology, Design, Physiotherapy, Health Services, Nursing, Education and Social Sciences and many more are in the pipeline. Let's create an environment where ideas flourish, talents are nurtured, and every individual reaches fullest of their potential.

Embark on this exciting path of discovery and growth with us.

Prof. K Satyanarayan Reddy