Publications of AHS faculties since last three years

Dr.Ravi Bhaskar: (Dept. of Anatomy)

  • Naveen Kumar, Ashwini P. Aithal, Satheesha B. Nayak, Ravi Bhaskar.“A rare case of typical Thoracodorsal artery: a challenge for flap reconstruction” Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy(2018) vol-40(3) pp1-4.
  • Doshi. M. A1, Ravi Bhaskar2, Anjana. S3, Ravi. M4, Satheesha. K. S5, Ravishankar. B6, Shakunthala. R. Pai7. “Evaluation of Genotoxicity Profile of Tamra Bhasma (A Copper based metallic preparation) in Swiss albino mice”International journal of Anatomy, Radiology and Surgery (IJRS) 2018 Jan, Vol-7(1): AO05-AO10.
  • Ravi Bhaskar, Anjana. S, Satheesha. K.S. Suresh Rao, Naveen Kumar “Morphomeric analysis of foramen magnum in adult dry skulls in dakshinakannada” International journal of health sciences and pharmacy (IJHSP) 2017;1(1):45-51.
  • K.S. Satheesha, Suresh Rao, Ravi Bhaskar, “ Occlusion middle cerebral artery causing cerebral edema in primates, A study by specific gravity method”, International journal of Anatomy and research 2017; 5(1):3567-3571
  • Ravi Bhaskar, Doshi M. A, Shakunthala R Pai, Ravishankar. B, “Evaluation of histopathological and biochemical changes of Tamra Bhasma (A copper based mineral formulation) repeated dose toxicity study in Wistar albino rats” Int. J. Anat Res, 2016; Vol 4(4): 3246-52
  • Anjana. S, Satheesha K. S., Ravi Bhaskar, Shakunthala R Pai, “Morphometric study of pterion in adult dry skulls in Dakshina Kannada district , Karnataka state, India” international journal of Anatomy and research,2015;vol 3(4):1603-1606.
  • Satheesha. K.S, Ravi Bhaskar and Shakunthala R Pai, “Cerebral edema in middle cerebral artery occlusion: A study in primates by wet weighgt: dry weight method”, Intenational Journal of Advances in health sciences (IJHS), 2015; vol2 issue5: pp576-581.

Mr. Nithin Lalu: (Dept. of Cardiovascular Technology)

  • Correlation of Troponin T values with tissue Doppler derived regional wall motion abnormalities in NSTEMI patients.

>Ms. Alphonsa Mathew: (Dept. of Cardiovascular Technology)

  • Assessment of left atrial function in patients with mitral valve disease – Asian journal of pharmaceutical and clinical research : Volume 9 , Issue 6, 2016.
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with partial anomalous pulmonary venous connection and atrial septal defect – Asian journal of pharmaceutical and clinical research : Volume 10 , Issue 8, 2017.