Sl. No. Research Centre Co- Ordinator
1. Research centre for Educational Psychology Dr. Jayashree. K
2. Research centre for Teaching Languages Mrs. Revathy B.R
3. Research centre for Teaching of Science Mr. Padmanabha C.H
4. Research centre for Teaching of Science Dr. Vijayalakshmi Naik

Research at Srinivas University is largely focused on issues that are directly relevant to the work we are engaged in, and at a broader level, on issues that have social relevance and impact. Substantial emphasis is placed on research that contributes to knowledge in practice besides recognizing research as contributing to scholarly knowledge. Collaborative researches among faculty members, between faculty and the members in Field Institutes of Srinivas University and between the organizations is an essential feature of our work.

The Research Centre at the University, is responsible for facilitating the research work of University faculty and all members of the College. As part of this, the centre works on setting up internal processes related to proposal, approval, ethics frameworks, archiving and dissemination. The centre also provides support on data analysis, conducts capacity enhancement workshops and hosts research events and conferences.