Objectives and Core Values

Objectives and Core Values


With an aim to be among one of the top Universities in the world, SRINIVAS UNIVERSITY has set itself the following objectives:

“Education is our Passion, Not Profession” and based on this our guiding principle is that “Continuous improvement is only the way to Success”. Srinivas University believes that students are the cream of the society and as its valuable customers they deserve the best. The curricular, co-curricular, and infrastructural support it provides to the students is a just expression of this belief.

Core Values

Core Values to be embedded in all stakeholders :
  • Team Work
    Integrate all stakeholders into a team and foster a culture of unity for common good.
  • Respect
    Uphold dignity of human beings as means and end of change and create harmony with growth.
  • Responsibility
    Increased understanding of ones own place and contributing to enhance performance.
  • Ethics
    Tacit concerned for rights vis-à-vis obligations in discharging duties diligently.
  • Etiquette
    Adopt acceptable ways of putting oneself before others in actions and ideas irrespective of differences.
  • Social Service
    Concern for fellowmen in need and distress, conveyed through spirit of selfless sacrifice.
  • Character, Competency & Confidence
    Demonstrating integrity, while at the same time maintaining utmost capability and strength.
  • Techno-savvy & Scientific Thinking
    Exploring new, developing curiosity to know and logical reasoning that fits in with the spirit of questioning.
  • Quest for Excellence
    Excellence is nothing less than state of perfection and deserves unrelenting pursuit.
  • Continuous Improvement
    The assumption that change can be brought about through improvement and improvement is a continuous process of modifying ones own performance.
  • Promotion of Open Systems
    The University promotes usage of open source software in it’s campus & open access scholarly Research Publications.