Top Ten Reasons to join Srinivas University

(1) Tradition of Excellence :

32 years of excellence in Teaching is a fine reason to call it a Tradition where quality always takes preponderance to service delivery.

(2) Commitment from Top Management :

The vision and Mission of the institution demonstrate the commitment of the Top Management in providing quality education at affordable cost attracting students from far and wide.

(3) Optimum Academic Support :

Teachers are keen on Development of Students through designing need based curriculum, student centric pedagogy and progression.

(4) Contemporary Industry Oriented Curriculum :

All courses are geared to enable employment and build employability among learners through feedback from industry, employers, and alumni.

(5) Access to Research :

Teachers are involved in research and publications and promote students in their pursuit for new learning.

(6) Affordable Fee Structure & Living Cost :

Fee for all courses are realistically set with limits that are economically viable at the same time affordable to an average student and the region offers low living cost.

(7) Developing Leadership through Teamwork :

Opportunity to work in teams turns the student into leaders of their own.

(8) Strong Placement Support :

Career service cell builds capability among students to be potential job aspirants and offer opportunity to grab employment.

(9) Higher Growth & Education Opportunity until D.Sc./D.Litt. :

Students who cherish enough determination can make their dreams true by joining for an undergraduate course and coming out with a Post Doctoral.

(10) Global Alumni Network :

Alumni are spread over the world and they feel like members of a family wherever they are.